Just Need A Little Sunshine!

January 21, 2017


I don’t know about you, but winter seems to be getting to be way to long. I’m missing the warm days of Spring and Summer when the flowers are blooming, the grass is green and growing, and the birds are chirping.

It is Winter.

These days make me want to get into my jammies early. And I mean early. Like about

6 pm. That is too early. (okay…maybe not)


Winter means that the days are short, the sunshine just isn’t as bright or as strong or as warm as it is in the other seasons. ¬†When I go outside even the horses and cows seem to be needing a little warmth from the sun.



I do not really embrace winter.

fullsizerender-5¬†Willy, my corriente bull really isn’t loving winter either.

So how do we get rid of the winter blahs???

Cozy up with a soft blanket and read a good book, or watch a classic John Wayne flick,”McLintock” for the 10,000 time because its still the best and can make you laugh. So…If you can’t find enough warmth in this cold winter…make your own.

~Happy Winter from Rustic and Refound

A Little Catching Up To Do

Happy New Year!                                                                          img_1236-1                                                                                                                                 January 3, 2017

This first week of 2017 has begun quietly and ended cold with temperatures dipping down to -28 degrees. I have been doing a bit of reflecting and catching up here.

It’s a new year, new goals and resolutions. A fresh start for the new year. A fresh start always gives you the feeling that those goals and resolutions planned on the first day of the New Year can become possibilities and realities.

I have been thinking about my path for the new year and have come across a poem that reminds me that my goals and resolutions can only become the possibilities if I want them.

“Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you. ”

You must travel it by yourself. It is not far. It is within reach.

Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know.

Perhaps it is everywhere – on water and land.” ~Walt Whitman

As I look at my future and reaching my goals, I am reminded to stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start focusing on what can go right. ¬†Goals and dreams can only be achieved with hard work and diligence. Ugh, at my age I was surely hoping for “things” to just come naturally. ¬†I’m not looking to be a slacker, but a little smooth sailing sounds pretty good to me.

A person should make some decisions in life about how they want to go through their life’s journey. Like they say, you can live life on your knees or die on your feet. I’m not about to live on my knees unless it Praising My Heavenly Father. ¬†I know I’d prefer to stay on my feet walking the path moving forward.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope for a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

I guess that means I had better keep busy working on my goals.

A Look Back at the End of 2016

Sharing a few pictures of Pat and I on our 2016 year end adventure in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pat, my husband, qualified for the WSTR Finals.



Pat and Colonel with their game faces on!!!

 This is a statue at South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Love to stay in Vegas during the Christmas holiday. Everything is decked out! img_1159

A Bit of Randomness

img_1265¬†Pat’s old boots add character to an empty Christmas tree. A bit of rustic and refound. ¬†Borrowed from my husband’s closet. ūüėČ


Best wishes for a Blessed 2017

From Rustic and Refound!



Welcome Fall!

The changing season, “Autumn Fires,” pumpkins, and dough bowls


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

As the weather changes and brings in a new season it brings with it the sights and smells that delight the senses. Living at the base of the Ruby Mountains in Northeastern Nevada all the beautiful fall colors begin to appear throughout in the shades of reds, rusts, oranges, faded greens, yellows and browns in the leaves that fall from the trees. The smell of the wood burning fires, the autumn colors, and the dew on the grass all lend to the autumn appeal. There definitely is a crispness in the air! ¬†It’s time for those warm sweaters, boots, chunky knits, and tartan plaids.

Autumn brings a sense of serenity. We begin to slow down in our busy lives and when we look forward to preparing for the holidays with family and friends. The poem “Autumn Fires” written by Robert Lewis Stevenson remind me of the new season.

Autumn Fires

In the other gardens

And all up the vale,

From the autumn bonfires

See the smoke trail!

Pleasant summer over

And all the summer flowers,

The red fire blazes,

The gray smoke towers.

Sing a song of seasons!

Something bright in all!

Flowers in the summer,

Fires in the fall!

There are other signs of fall…like…pumpkins. I haven’t been able to run out and buy real pumpkins yet, so I began to use other alternatives (like wood) and make my own. I know that Pinterest has loads of ideas out there. And yes, that was an inspirational place to start and I did. Borrowing Pinterest¬†ideas I began with a piece of a railroad tie from my yard, that had been used for a number of things. I began to brain storm and thought…What if I paint it orange…and turn it into a pumpkin? Well…. I did.

img_0836¬† Today I’m sharing a little of my pumpkin¬†decor since venturing outside to decorate is just not working for me.

A pumpkin…img_0890¬†with a burlap leaf.

As Autumn unfolds throughout my house my newest obsession is my antique Artisan dough bowl. I used my dough bowl and a few pumpkins to create an autumn display.

I call this my glam farmhouse look.


Something with rustic charm. Simple construction and a whole lot of potential. I love the details of the vintage beauty. And the size…it’s nice and long, perfect for my dining room table. This is my first attempt at decorating with this bit of history, a hand carved beauty, bearing the marks from years of loving use. Early farmhouses in Hungary and other Eastern European countries used these hand-carved wooden bowls to make bread. Just look at the size of this baby! This is definitely a statement piece. When I saw it, I had to have it. My mind was racing at the countless ways to style this wooden beauty. For the holidays I envisioned the countless ways you could use this as a tabletop centerpiece. I saw it filled with fresh greenery layered on the bottom, pine cones, and vintage ornaments. I saw my dough bowl filled with large, chunky white candles, pine cones, magazines, filled with elk antlers, layered greenery ¬†such as seeded Eucalyptus and flowers and¬†pumpkins. The possibilities are endless!¬†Right now I’m just lovin’ it filled with pumpkins.

Crisp air, pretty leaves, sweaters and boots, pumpkins….I love fall!

Happy Wednesday! From R&R


Summer Outdoor Spaces

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ahh summer… The heat is on. We want to continue enjoying our outdoor spaces when we can. Here in North Eastern Nevada we work outside in the early morning and move to the inside as the heat of the day rises avoiding the hot temperatures ¬†or find places to shade up outside like under a big tree or move to porches and patios. Hence, this is why we tend to make outdoor spaces extensions of our homes. We are always looking for ways to pretty up IMG_0786

our homes. In the summer we move to the outside and plant flowers to pretty up our outdoor spaces. Did I mention that I love flowers? Did I mention that I love rustic, junkin’, things with dents, and scratches too? Yep, well I do! It’s often that I like to pair the pretty with the… well not so pretty. And I did. To my husbands dismay I plopped some pink petunias in an old junk bucket. I put it on the patio table for time being. Boy, my husband was not impressed with the bucket and could not believe that I had stuck flowers in a


bucket such as this. Here it is! In all of it’s glory. If that wasn’t enough, being the rebel I am. I added a solar light for ambiance and illumination. ūüėČ

I think I mentioned that I don’t always follow rules, and once in a while I like to shake things up. So if you happen to venture by my back patio and stop for a glass of something cool to get a reprieve from the heat, you might just find yourself looking at one of my rustic and refound pickens’.

Happy Tuesday!

Tammy at R & R



A Little Zebra Print and a Footstool

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hello fellow bloggers and creators! I can’t believe it is almost the middle of June. ¬†It has been a very busy and ¬†a¬†hectic couple of weeks around my outfit. I have been off team roping¬†and working at school to wrap up the end of the school year with loads of fun activities for middle school kids and not able to post.

On a recent trip to the local thrift store I located a shabby footstool that had a cracked faux leather top. It was not dainty or cute, but it was a fantastic little size and had me from the beginning. I gave the clerk $3.00, loaded it up, and took it home. I wish that I had taken a before picture, but I did not.

I knew that the shabby little ‚Äėchair partner‚Äô needed a makeover. Like a little Wild West stylin‚Äô for Wild West living‚Ķ

After much debate on how she should be styled, I got to work and painted her wood frame red, reupholstered her top with a bit of zebra printed upholstery fabric, and added fringe for charm. I love fringe!

zebra footstool

It’s a bit wild, but it’s fun!

I placed it underneath one of my favorite cowhide styled black chairs. (I also restyled the chair with black paint and reddish brown cowhide. The chair was an antique store find.) Now wearing faux zebra and black fringe the little stool fits perfectly underneath and is a great conversation piece!

‚ÄúCreate your own style‚Ķ let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.‚ÄĚ ‚Äē Anna Wintour

Happy Wednesday Yall!

Happy Spring…


IMG_0582 (1)

Monday, May 23, 2016

I love Spring time when the lilacs are in season. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. I picked these fragrant blooms from my lilac bush in my yard. They smell awesome…and look beautiful in this old wooden box that I made to use as a center piece. I like to create, so I made me a simple wooden crate/centerpiece/planter/#whoknowswhatyouwouldcallitbutIloveit!

On a recent junkin’ trip to Boise, Idaho with a couple great girl friends I came across a antiques vendor selling garden beauties, antique wash tubs, and my cute aluminum cow tags. Well, me lovin’ cows as much as I do, I just had to have one of the vintage ear tags. For some reason the numbers had to mean something to me…so I picked numbers of 67 for the year that my sweet hubby was born. Interesting enough these tags are from the 1950s. A little different from the modern plastic cow ear tags we use today.


I tied the vintage collectable to the rustic wooden box for a conversation piece to include in my dining table decor.

For years, the ability to manage your cattle was limited to branding and lot grazing. Cattle traceability has become a more common practice in the cattle industry through the use of ear tags. Animal identification is the basis for keeping accurate records of the individual animal’s parentage, birth date, production records, health history, and a host of other important management information. Just a little cow ear tag history from me.

Happy Monday everyone!!

Sharing at R&R




Welcome to Rustic and Refound


It has been said, “If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing¬†you can be.”(Maya Angelou)

When the creative spirit stirs, it often will animate a style of being: with the limits endless, a lifetime filled with a desire to create, innovate, and to explore new ways of doing things that bring dreams into reality.

I¬†am a lover of Vintage, Vintage western,¬†Cowboys, Roping, and¬†Decorating. I like to decorate my home with a mix of Vintage and Vintage-Western. I know there are rules of decorating out there, but I don’t always follow¬†the rules. ¬†I want my home to reflect my style of western, hints of rustic and re-found with an edge of refined or everyday elegance. Where elegance meets western frontier.

My philosophy is ‘every man’s trash is truly someone else’s treasure,’¬†I like traditions, adventure, journeys, and big dreams. Part of my own philosophy is to explore, create, and decorate with things you love…with what inspires you!