A Simple Charming Table Setting

July 18, 2019


A table setting for a gathering of friends

I’m a huge fan of pretty table settings.


number 1 image of table setting


Table settings that include fresh flowers and

candles parading down the center,

pretty dishes, and fine stemware.

On The Table

A simple centerpiece…

Flowers from the garden. Peonies to be exact!

Peonies with their ruffled edges that speak feminine frills.

Laying the foundation with a rustic, weathered board…


board with candles


next came trimmed lilac branches for the greenery

and copper votive candles.

Candles a plenty!

Tucking copper votives here and there.

Using found vintage silver sugar bowls and creamers

for the flowers and votive candles.


Close image with blurred background


Dried roses were added for an additional pop of color.


Center piece 2

Even peonies dropping their petals are pretty.

Falling petals from peonies

Not an expensive center piece with candles look perfect!

Maybe… perfectly imperfect!


side view of center piece


A Mix and Mingle


Side view of table

A mix and mingle of flatware and plates.

The vintage plates with their pretty and delicate blue and gold trim

and the new cabbage salad plates –

all a mix and a mingle.


place setting 2


Tied together with chambray blue napkins.

A fun, pretty place setting for a casual luncheon.


Table setting from the end2

Fun stemware; clear with green dots.


close view of plates and glasses


Candles in various sizes glowing away provide the needed ambiance.


Center piece 2

No matter how you set your table,

A pretty centerpiece…perfectly imperfect,

good food, good friends…

It’s all about creating special moments,

making memories where conversations and laughs

that will linger a bit longer.


number 1 image of table setting


Enjoying a happy summer day!


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou



My Salvage Style

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Lilacs in bent bucket 6-18-19


I have a great love for old things because they bring so much life

and interest to a home.

With dents and all!

Old things have a history and a story to tell.


lilacs in bent bucket3 6-18-19


I like to think about the hands that have touched the object,

where it was and how it was used in its past life.


Lilacs with taper 6-18-19


I especially love using salvage finds to decorate with.

A worn piece of galvanized metal,

or repurposed and vintage items like old rusty buckets.

To me this is totally charming and adds warmth to a room.


lilacs2 on dining table 6-18-19


Think Outside the Box

On a treasure hunting trip, I picked up this vintage bucket

with a great rustic patina –

with all its metal goodness and sweet wire and wooden handle.


bucket with bale 6-18-19


When I see things that catch my eye,

I immediately think, “How can I use it in my home?”

Well, with flowers of course!


Lilacs in a bowl 6-18-19


Because I didn’t get enough of my lilacs when they were in their prime,

I couldn’t resist cutting more as they begin to fade

and go out of season-pairing them with my salvaged treasure.



lilacs on table 6-18-19


Regardless of their fading, rustic appearance they still smell amazing!

What do you think of the mingling of fading lilacs and a chippy bucket?


rusty bucket 6-18-19


Chippy bucket, fading lilacs, and flickering candles…

to me, pretty much a total win!


flickering candles 6-18-19


Anyone else love flickering candles?

Candles are always a good idea.


candle in front of lilacs 6-18-19


My salvage style is a mix of vintage goods.

Maybe a mismatched curation

and a little DIY,

like my horseshoe candle holders.

Happy Tuesday!

Lovely Lilacs – The Color of Spring

Thursday, June 13, 2019


A bouquet of fresh cut lilacs…

They are absolutely charming and beautiful anywhere!


lilacs 6-13-19


Their delicate pale violet and vibrant purple blooms are covered

with dainty star shaped blooms

and have quite the most intoxicating scent.


lilacs close-up 6-13-19


These lilacs have double blossoms and are as beautiful

as they are fragrant!



lilacs in room 6-13-19


Lilacs are one of my favorite blooms.

Their delicious scent invites you to cut them and bring them into the house.


lilacs in dining room 3


Lilacs are special, as they remind me of my mom.

She loved lilacs as well and had many bushes around her property and yard.


cabinet image


My lilacs were grafted from my mother’s yard so many years ago.


6-13-19 dining rm hutch


In the dining room a simple gallon jar filled with lilac goodness.

Shimmery candle light in votive holders from PB.


dining rm4 6-13-19


Just pretty purple blooms.


lilcs on dining table 6-13-19


Every year when the lilacs bloom they fill the yard with the most amazing scent.


lilacs in yard 6-13-19


I have both the purple Lilacs and the white ones in my yard.




lilac bush 6-13-19


My lilacs are a bit behind this year due to all the cold, wet,

rainy weather we had this spring.

Gorgeous by themselves.

Just a garden favorite!

The Chairs Have It!


May 21, 2019

Are You A Collector of Odd Things?


I have mentioned a few of my favorite things to collect.;)

I think…

I also have mentioned that I like to collect chairs…

vintage , antique, and new.

Chairs may be in the running for one of my favorite things.


wooden chair seat w-flowers


I’m not sure how many chairs I have fell in love with,

but it has been a few.

Maybe. A. Lot.

I like soft and cushy chairs covered in brown velvet.


brown chair


At one point collecting chairs may have become an obsession.

Yes, I was obsessed with chairs one time;)


brown chair-pink roses


French inspired.

I have rescued some,


chair 2


been given some

and purchased a few!


Red Chair


I like wooden chairs that I painted a bold red

and stenciled cowboys and bucking horses.



Red chair with books


I like red chairs with books and roses.

I like chairs to hold blankets for a casual feel.


black chair with blankets


With chairs, I like to get creative and show off…

for a little fun.


Sarape Chair


I like to show them off with flowers.


Moore 2018 Pictures 1877


With flowers and pumpkins too!


chair bones


I think I might have about a dozen random different styles

and size chairs tucked away in a storage container.

Some are upholstered,

green chair

some are wooden with fabric seats,

and others are plain wood.


Wooden chair with yellow roses


Some are are wooden with tired paint.


old red chair


I like chairs!


wooden chair w-yellow candle holders


I like chairs that hold yellow posies

and those covered with cowhide and hair.


Cowhide chair


Turquoise chairs.


turquoise chairs


Found chairs


ice cream chair


Wicker chairs too.


wicker chair


When you think about what to collect,

your mind probably jumps to something small or easy to fit on a shelf.

If you’re thinking about starting a collection,

you may not know what the best things to collect are.

The good news is that almost anything can be turned into a collection.

Just ask yourself what you’re interested in…

What fits your style?

and just start collecting!


cowhide chair with a bucket of roses


Happy collecting!

Happy Mother’s Day!


May 10, 2019

May showers bring May flowers and Mother’s Day!




May brings beautiful things along with the beautiful thoughts of my mother,

my mother-in-law, grandmothers,

and all other incredible mother figures in my life.

Although, not being a mother myself,

I learned from my mother that it was the sweetest job

that any woman may receive the calling to do.

Not being fortunate enough to have my own children due

to the extreme illness for me,

I craved this position in life horribly.


Drooping roses


I think God knew from the start that I would not have my own children,

and He took me away from my desire to become a veterinarian

and put me into education so that I could work with kids.

HE probably figured that this would ease the pain of being a childless woman.

Sometimes being a teacher helped fill the anguish in my heart and most days it did not.


Roses on table 5-9-19


My husband and I wanted a child and did not give up on the wish

of becoming parents until the bitter end.

After seeing doctors, seeking medical advice, the tears,

and praying. a. lot.

I eventually gave up on the thoughts of having my own

and just loved the ones that I borrowed throughout the day.

I have gotten to spend time with many friends’ children

and experience childbirth through a beautiful friend and daughter-like woman.

My point is not to have self-pity of my own situation,

but it is to say…


Roses in welding can


No matter who that mother figure is for you in your life –

your mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, friend or someone

entirely different-

they are treasures!


Roses in sink 5-9-19


These women have had a great influence on me.

I think that many of my traits, habits, likes and dislikes

 can be attributed to those wonderful mom and grandmother influences.

My sense of humor, my sense of motherhood, my love of animals, horses, roping,

my love of my home, decorating,

and so much more come from the influences


traditions that I have been apart of.

Thank you to my mother for all of her Love,

wise and careful instruction.

Wishing she was here to celebrate Mother’s Day!




thank you to all the other mother influences that have helped me

become who I am.

Happy Mother’s Day to All mothers.


Simple Stirrup Napkin Holder

April 18, 2019

Here comes Peter Cottontail…

Wow, it’s almost Easter.

Easter is this Sunday.

It reminds me of the days of Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies,

yellow and pink peeps, and picnics with family.

That is Easter to me.

When I was little, we always went up to the mountain meadows

to have a picnic dinner.

We would do an egg hunt out in the sage brush and look

to discover what the Easter Bunny had left for us.

Hiding Easter eggs in the sagebrush. What we like to do.

When at home with family and friends over for dinner

it’s always nice to make things in the house as convenient

and quaint as possible.

Since I like the rustic and refound,

I like to repurpose or up-cycle items.

In this case I like a little creative reuse of old stirrups.

Yep. I brought them in the house!

Stirrups are part of my Easter table setting.

Instead of throwing old stirrups out, repurpose or up-cycle them!

This is just a simple project.

Everyone is familiar with the less is more concept.

I also like things uncomplicated.

I like simple projects that take a few minutes

and achieves such a personal touch.

I like to decorate my home with unique and personal pieces.

This is a fun way to use the rustic and refound.

Give your house some rustic western charm that makes your house,

your home.

Since stirrups get replaced from time to time,

instead of throwing them out,

why not repurpose them!

You may already own a discarded set of stirrups from your own saddle

or maybe you can borrow from an ole’ cowboy (like the hubby).

I would definitely suggest cleaning them up before use.

You can shop your home, your family’s tack-room,

favorite western stores, antique stores,

garage sales or whatever floats your boat!

Ultimately you are in charge.

It is that simple.

Besides being classically aesthetic and simple,

it’s a fun way to add western décor in your home.

Having them hang out on the counter or on the dinner table…

napkins that are in a holder in a pile,

in plain sight, for everyone to use makes life a little bit easier.

These stirrups came with their vintage patina on the metal.

Like vintage zinc goodness with a layer of oxidation.

They are old, washed and faded.

The old wood on the inside has it’s own patina and special charm.

Keep junkin’.

Just keepin’ it easy.

Happy Easter!

Rustic and Refound

Spring Is Here!

Happy Friday!

March 29, 2019

The Garden Comes Inside

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pink-blooms-2019.jpg
Adding a pop of color!

Bring the season into your home by using potted flowering plants.

Sprinkling some color and warmth of spring around with pink flowers.

Spring brings in more than warm sunshine,

fresh air and pretty little blooms.

I added a 5 minute touch of spring by adding pink blooms in an old white enamel bucket.

Pretty much obsessed with flowers inside!

Adding flowers is one of the easy ways to add Spring and charm.

Horseshoe candle holders and pink flowers add a fresh look to my space.

Heading into the weekend!

Happy Spring!

Rustic, Country, Pillar Candle Holders



March 14, 2019



If you know anything about me,

you know I like to create.

Upon seeing these candle pillars at a craft fair,

I decided to not buy them,

but to make my own.

I guess you can say that this is a form of flattery

and a compliment to the real creator.

My candle pillars are not an exact copy of the pillars that I saw,

but a spin off of the original.


Painted and distressed wooden candle pillars make beautiful accents

for a country display.

They are one of those decorative pieces that can be used in any room of the home.

I love the distressed look of these.




They add texture, dimension, and color.

A bit of rustic home decor.

Use a 3 x 4 or a 4 x 4 jar candle

or a regular pillar candle.

Perfect for your country home decor.


IMG_1254 (1)


Use the pillars with candles to fill your room

with the warm glow of flickering light.

Each candle pillar is painted and distressed

by hand for the look of a salvaged architectural piece.




Presented in several colors.

They will coordinate into most decor

and work well into your seasonal decor.




The white work well with the softer theme of Spring.


IMG_1254 (1)


While the red work with the vibrant side of the Spring Season.



Use the pillars to give small plants,

candles and other objects a stylish lift.

Made of wood, each pillar will add a rustic touch

and dimension to your room.

Use them separately or together for more display options.

Add height to any display


change the look of any room instantly by decorating with

these candle pillars.

The black were incorporated into my Halloween decor

and add a more dramatic effect.


candle holders


Shown below they are displayed on a country hutch.


IMG_1268 (1)


Here’s to the month of March half way over!



A Shabby Little Footstool – DIY

March 3, 2019





I think I told you how junkin’ is my game.

I like hunting through antique stores, thrift stores, and junk shops.

If I’m lucky, road-side finds are a score.

On one of these trips to an antique store, I found a shabby little footstool.

This petite little footstool,

just a bit small,

caught my eye even though it was wearing it’s shabby attire.


foot stool before


The minute I saw it, I knew how I wanted it to look.

With delicate little carvings and short stubby legs…I knew.

I paid the $10 and took it home.

I cleaned up the wood, stripped off it’s shabby covering,

and went shopping for the perfect fabric.


cheeta fabric for stool


At last, and with some time passing (six months or more),

I found some faux fur leopard print.

Because you know… I never met a leopard that I didn’t like!

With the faux leopard print fabric and a bit of gold braid trim,

I began the makeover.

Adding the rustic charm – not too much, not too little,

not too fancy, not too plain.

The make-over ended like this.



They say that leopard print is a neutral and can go with everything.

I think I agree!;)

Maybe adding a little rustic romanticism –


IMG_1372 (1)


I think I want to express myself with this little footstool

wearing some faux animal print.


IMG_1188 (1)


Love leopard print. So fun to add to a room.




I like cozy and comfortable rooms and leopard print helps add to that.

Even in black and white, leopard is fun.




Tucking it next to a favorite red chair…



IMG_1365 (2)


it looks good holding a few old books.



Happy Sunday!

A Few of My Favorite Things!



Sunday, February 3, 2019




It is the first weekend in February.

Hard to believe!

One of my favorite things is a lazy day Sunday!

Bar none,

it has to be one of my favorites.

When my house is clean,

laundry finished,

and I can curl up and watch a favorite movie or just do what

 inspires me.

Makes me happy.

Today was that day!

Without a doubt there are also other things that make me happy as well,


this was a day to do what inspired me.

Weekend musings.

Because it was snow, all snow again!

At times, blowing snow sideways, snow.




My view from the front porch.




The cold temperatures outside have me longing for warmer weather,

brighter days,

and flowers.


Flowers in a different container.


IMG_1270 (1)


A container with a wood look.

A rustic-looking find from Marshalls.

In the sale isle for $6.00.

That will make a girl happy!


IMG_1269 (1)


These flowers with their different container

are full of pretty color and sweet style that

 will have you feeling like spring in no time!

Or, Romance!




Add flowers with a few votive candles for charm.




This gets me every time.




Sometimes all you need to make a beautiful impact statement

is a humble bunch of flowers




in a different container.

Add a dose of sunshine to your space with pink blooms.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!



Projects, Projects.

Flowers added with a project.

White candle stands to add a spring touch to the hutch.




Adding in a rustic-country look

are my hand-made candle stands.




Just sharing a few of my favorite things.



With equal parts rustic and pretty…

these are a few of my favorite things!



Happy Sunday!