Sure to Please! A One Pot Wonder!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Zuppa Toscana!

A rich and creamy, hearty and warming soup.

A famous Olive Garden soup.




Happy Monday!

Through all of this COVID19 biz, staying at home,

I think that there is a peacefulness of slowing down,

buying less, and just having the basics,

and being grateful for everyday.

Less pressure and being positive about it all.

I find myself in the kitchen more.

More at home time for social distancing requires no eating out at restaurants.

Looking for hearty recipes, I searched for inspiration on Pinterest.

I found Zuppa Toscana a Copycat (Sausage, Potato, and Kale Soup).



Zuppa Toscana is a rich and creamy soup

made with Italian sausage,  potatoes, and kale.

It’s a copycat recipe of the soup at Olive Garden.

Zuppa Toscana is easy to make, all done in one pot.


Cooked sausage and onion


Added tablespoon of flour to the sausage

Slowly add the chicken broth to the incorporated flour,

stirring constantly to thicken.




Add the cream and stir very gently.




Just some of the ingredients I used.

I switched up the recipe a bit by using spinach instead of the kale

and Half & Half in place of the heavy cream.

I used the regular Italian sausage that I had on hand.

I also modified the amount of ingredients since there is only two of us.

Recipe is found at

I served the soup with French bread.

It’s soooooo yummy!

Maybe not the most healthy, but it’s delish.

Definitely a warming, comfort food!

Stay healthy, stay at home!


Thanks for stopping by.


Western Wednesday

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Welcome to Another Addition of Western Wednesday!

bridle rack2

I once mentioned that sunsets and old board corrals make me a bit sappy.

And… they do.

rnd corral

Sunsets close on the day, good or bad.

(Because I never met a sunset I didn’t like.)

Old board corrals have held together and confined

a family’s lifetime of memories of brandings, cattle gatherings,

and cowboys’ bronc rides.

If only they could talk…

and tell their stories.

 I grew up on a ranch where we had lots of old board corrals.

In my memory, there was nothing more fun

than climbing those old boards and looking over the fence.

Sometimes I think I’ve been looking over the fence my whole life.

What are corrals?

You might ask.

My definition of corrals is a collection of old

(sometimes new) boards nailed together

to create an enclosure to gather cows, horses, and other livestock.


brd corral


I recently learned that the word corral comes from the Spanish word corro.

Corrals are used to capture domestic and wild livestock.


cows n corral

These are some long horned cattle gathered for processing

and branding their calves.


cows n corrals


Corrals support the usage of horses and cows

in ranching and sometimes other activities.


pat branding n corrals


Old board corrals become great branding traps

used by the working cowboys/ranchers and buckaroos to hold

cattle during branding seasons.


blk n w branding corrals


They are also great for capturing western scenes.;)


brandin corrals


Sometimes old board corrals are attached to old squeeze chutes to process cows.


old squeeze

For strength and stability old board corrals were attached to pipe/metal panels.

Story Telling Time On The Old Board Corral

kids on corrals

Welcome to the top rail where two young cowboys

tell stories of roping steers,

riding wild broncs,

and how they’ve become real top hands.

Boards for Shipping

If old Shipping chutes could talk, what would they tell?

Of cattle sorted and loaded on trucks and big fat calves weaned in the fall?


open loading chute

Oh, these old boards!

With sometimes chipping paint, great graying color and patina

from being weathered and baked in the sun.


side view of loading chute

side view of loading chute2

An old cow feeder.


With old board’s graying patina, and

crusty knots in the wood comes a little Rustic and Refound.


A bridle rack built from old corral boards.

bridle rack


A DIY rustic candle holder built from an old corral board.

number 1 long view of DIY

I love the nostalgia of old boards from corrals.

Old board corrals inspired me with their perfectly imperfect distressing.

Their silvered and worn appearance. Used and abused.

Just loving how each board is different in texture, finish and distressing.

Thanks for hanging with me today on my Western Wednesday.

A little wild west stylin’ for a little wild west livin’.





Love You Bunches



Friday, February 14, 2020


Happy Valentine’s Day!

For the Heart!

P roses close up

Valentine’s Day is all about flowers,

 heart shaped boxes with chocolates, and

frilly cards filled with words of love.


heart cup

Why am I sharing this?

My great admiration for flowers (obsession maybe)

began on Valentine’s Day many years ago when my husband

sent me red, red roses on this special day.


I thought I would share

 some flower arrangements in unique/vintage containers

that I had on hand at the time.

The containers I use are not expensive.

Turning grocery store flowers into little arrangements.

The key to simple but beautiful arrangements

can be a unique vessel.


Galvanized Buckets

bucket of blooms

bucket of blooms2

Galvanized buckets make a great statement for pink blooms.


Ceramic Vase

ceramic vase2

roses in ceramic vase1

Fresh cut pink blooms in this unique vessel definitely

makes a charming presentation.

Wooden toolbox

p roses in tool box

A rustic wooden toolbox is a fun way to display roses.

A little jar of water and a bunch of pink roses.


A Handmade Cedar Box

Did I say pink?;)

roses in wooden box

One of my favorites and literally so simple…

Jars filled with single blooms placed in the wooden box make a statement

as they march down the center of your table.



And crocks filled with bunches of pink roses…

definitely one of my favorites.

roses in lg crock

roses in crock1


Rusty Cans

Rusty cans with tons of patina and character

are fun and definitely inexpensive!

roses welding can 1

Pale pink


Faux Wood Bark Container

IMG_1270 (1)

There are so many options for flower arrangements that you can use.

Finding these containers can be like a treasure hunt.

Let your imagination and things you have on hand

inspire you to make your own flower arrangements.

Think outside the box!

Leave folks talking about your creativity.

Just do what inspires your soul.




A DIY Rustic Candle/Sugar Mold

Sunday, February  9, 2020


A little DIY project from the Rustic and Refound.


number 1 long view of DIY


A home DIY decorating piece is my favorite!

My life is all about simple, easy ways to decorate.


Darker view of DIY


To fuel my obsession with candles and candle light,

I’m always on the hunt for ideas to create candle holders.

My obsession with the ambiance that flickering candles

bring to a room, brings me create the warmth

for a whole lot of cozy for the long winter evenings.


DIY candle holder2


When its cold and gray, and I repeat cold…

I like to turn the heat up and light a few candles.


DIY candle H6 end view

I am a HUGE candle girl.

I love the flickering, warm light that candles bring.

Candles warm up a room.


number 1 long view of DIY

Since I like to group candles…

This brought me to my DIY rustic sugar mold.

And…that wild hair…

Set my creative juices to turn a remnant board/post

with a perfect patina into a rustic sugar mold with farmhouse charm.

I think I’ve told you that I love the rustic and refound!;



My piece of lumber was already precut at

30 inches long and is a 3.5″ X 5.5″ board.


Candle DIY knot hole 7


My wood post isn’t perfect.

There are holes, cracks in the wood,

notches, plenty of knots and some missing chunks.

After measuring the distance of the board,

measuring and determining where I wanted my holes…


holes in DIY

I drilled my holes using two types of bits.

Since I wanted my holes to be 2″s, I began with a 2″ hole saw.


drill bit


I then used a paddle bit to router out the holes to 1.5″s

and to a desired depth for my votives.

paddle bit

You can see that my paddle bit was much smaller.

I then needed to chisel out the remaining wood to complete

a 2″ hole.

Sounds a bit complicated?


But I managed.

There maybe an easier way.

I’m still researching and experimenting.:)


holes in DIY

Next, I sanded all the edges with a power sander

to remove sharp corners and splinters.


view of DIY 1 hole

Using a gel stain (Minwax, Aged Oak).

I rubbed the Minwax on spots that I wanted to darken,

like where the wood may have been handled repeatedly or to age the wood.

I was careful not to remove the original grayed patina of the aging timber.

(You can see the graying wood above)




Once I was satisfied with the look of the wood, using a wax,

I rubbed the edges to smooth and polish the piece.


candle DIY1

IMG_3647End view DIY


I hope you like my DIY sugar mold project.

I currently don’t have a house to stage my piece in.

I will later share this project in my new home.

I like this little piece and it fits…

A little wild west styling for a little wild west livin’.


“Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.”

~Elizabeth Gilbert

Thanks for stopping by my blog.




Western Wednesday



Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Welcome to Western Wednesday!

An interior decorator, I am not!

I once told you that I love western décor, chippy items,

the rustic, cowhide and things I can “refound.

I live in the West and love the western way of life.

I’m sappy for sunsets and old board corrals.


sunset 1sunset2


For the  first half of my life I lived on my family’s ranch.

I feel at home with the western life style as I feel that it is a part of who I am.

 I love the comfortable feeling that this type of décor brings to my home.

Isn’t our home décor a reflection of who we are?


I enjoy horses and cows and one of my favorite hobbies is team roping.

turning cows out 2

turning out

Turning the girls out to pasture.

When we think of the west, we often think of or the wild west,

of cowboys and Indians.

The western style has a rugged elegance and authenticity that speaks to its roots.

With sensibility and honesty that gives it an enduring appeal.

We don’t always think of touches of the west being in our homes.

If you search for ways to add a western style to your home,

Pinterest is a good place to begin.

You will find it a good source of inspiration like this photo.

Bedroom, Texas limestone construction. Pendleton and Beacon blankets at the Tyler Beard residence near Star, Texas.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Whether the western style or western way of living is for you,

you can show your love for the wild west

from clothing, accessories, and including jewelry.

In our homes; our dishes, rustic furniture,

and style can reflect the small touches of the Wild West.


A Horse Lovers Candle Holders


horseshoe candle holders2horseshoe candle holders

flickering candles 6-18-19


Like the addition of horseshoe candle holders.

If it isn’t something you want to go all the way with,

there are many different and creative ways

you can add touches of the west to your everyday life.

 Cowhides are a stylish way to add Western flare to a home.


back cowhide chaircowhide chair

If real cowhide is not in your budget there are many faux creations.

Cowhide is one of my favorite ways to add Western charm.

Whether they are subtle additions or bold pieces,

they will complement any space.

As an accent, these cowhide chairs add a bit of a

laid back elegance to my dining room.


dining room


How about a cowhide lampshade?




Western homes have been furnished with leather and cowhide for centuries.

Natural cowhide brings warmth to any home

whether it is a modern or traditional interior.

Animal print and cowhide can be a focal point of any setting.


zebra footstool


This antique chair seat is covered in a warm natural brown cowhide.

The pillow (faux lamb) and footstool are both faux animal print.

Cowhide and kilim pillows are a must for leather couches.


cowhide pillow

A fun way to bring some wild west styling for a bit of wild west living.;)



Bringing in nature inspires some of the most rich and beautiful colors.

Adding some natural elements throughout your home will bring the Wild West alive.


Cowhide Beds?


cowhide bed

Yes, please!


These beds will have you dreaming western dreams.

A bit of country chic!


leather headboard


Loving the details of hand tooled leather and the turned posts on this bed.

I love the details and textures.


Up-cycled stirrups will add a fun twist to your kitchen or dining table.

A little Rustic and Refound.



This is how I home.

Creating and furnishing my home with things I love

from the American West.

Working for my brand and maybe add a bit of western romance to my life.

Using my real world experience

to promote authenticity to my western way of living.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings.




The Act of Kindness


Friday, January 17, 2020


“Kindness: A simple idea with significant impact.”




Open The Gate and Come On In…


open gate distant


Today I want to talk about the topic of being kind.

We always hear and see the quote, ‘kindness is free so spread it around.’

In fact that is pretty true.

To me, kindness is something that this world could certainly use more of.



open gate1

However, I feel that some people are a bit confused

about what being kind is and what being kind includes.

To me, the act of being kind is associated with being friendly,

generous, and considerate.

All of these are characteristics which are associated with being kind

can be linked to respect.

Am I right?



Arena 2


I recently read this statement by Maya Angelou

and feel that it fits into my philosophy.

“The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving

with passion and compassion and humor

and style and generosity and kindness.”



What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Was it a gift, an action, an encouraging word spoken just at the right time?

Kindness is often best expressed with thoughtful intentions.

Being kind can be shown through respect and following through with simple promises.

Promises made, promises kept.

Kindness is not always what we know, it’s what we show.

Actions prove who someone is, words just prove who they pretend to be.

People feel the act of kindness when an overt action

touches them in a deep and personal way.

What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Was it something from a family member, friend? Or by a total stranger?

                “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”                                                                                                                               source unknown
Kindness is in our power.

Don’t just speak it, do it!


kitties 2019

Thanks for visiting my blog.

OOXXs ~ Tammy


A Floral Note

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


roses upclose

Is your husband a welder?

If not, do you know one?

Well my husband is a welder by trade, so

what I’m going to show you won’t surprise you.


Roses in can

When arranging flowers,

I like to add the quirky and different

on containers.

I’m always looking for a sensible, cost effective solution.

So sticking with my rustic and refound sensibility…

and while out scouring in the shop/barn

I ran across this mostly empty

welding rod container.

Roses in can4

Well, in all of it’s rusty goodness, I saw potential.

Into the house it went to get a bit of cleaning up

with a soft cloth and a bit of soap and water.

Having these pretty pink roses from the market,

I decided to make a statement on an old rusty container.

roses welding can and candles

To my husband’s dismay the rusty container

not only held the pretty pink blooms,

but it was in. the. house!


roses welding can 2 - 1

I simply added to the inside of the metal can

a tall cylinder vase to contain the water and roses.

I then staged it all with candles and old encyclopedias on my buffet.

roses in welding can2

I hope you like my post on using the rustic and refound.

“I don’t exist to impress the world.

I exist to live my life in a way that will make me happy.”

I think my rusty can adds a bit of ‘wild west styling for a bit of wild west living.’

Thanks for checking in on my blog and story.



Perspectives, Point of View, and Gratitude

January 9, 2020

salmon roses and candles2


The first month of the new year.

Maybe a time for renewal.

A time for reflection,

and a time to look at things in a different way,

with a new point of view.

salmon roses in tool box2

2019 brought some good significant changes in my life,

beginning with my career.

I officially retired.

I retired from education,

and now I’m looking to the horizons for something new.


evening view2


we officially began the build of our new home.

salmon roses 1-2020

Since we are over a week into the new year and

after much thought about filling the pages

of my new year book of 2020.


salmon roses and books 2

I think of the pages filling with new projects, new adventures,

and fresh ideas as I look ahead

with a new perspective.


with much gratitude.

Evening view 2020

I am so grateful for all the good things that occurred in 2019.

While reflecting on what has transpired in my life,

I think about setting new personal goals.


evening view2

A new goal maybe in one word, ‘intentional.’

My word of the year.

Intention; intentional!

I want to live more intentionally.

I want to be intentional in all my efforts.

I want to intentionally get more exercise.

Do things on purpose, being deliberate.

I want to intentionally become a better me.

I intentionally want to enjoy life!

evening view3


I love to really look at things in a different way;

from a whole new point of view.

I want to be intentional in all of my creations.

Maybe that is why I love the rustic and refound.


Ruby Mountains 2020


I don’t know why I do this other than loving the challenge,

and feeling that inner excitement when I’ve discovered a new combination

or creation – I guess you could say it’s what makes me tick.

Yes, I want to live less out of habit and more out of intent.

I want to turn my cant’s into cans and my dreams into plans.

Think intentional about what inspires me and fuels me.

“The new year stands before me like a chapter in a book waiting to be written.”

What will you see this year with a new set of eyes and a whole new point of view?

What is your word of the year?

Thank you for visiting my blog.




‘All things are working (all things are working for my good)
‘Cause He’s intentional (He’s intentional)
Hey and He’s never failing (never failing)
All things are working for my good (all things are working for my good)
He’s intentional (He’s intentional)
Never failing (never failing)’   Lyrics ~Travis Greene


A Little Christmas of Past

Thursday, December 27, 2019

Even though Christmas has come and gone…

 While digging through some old photos I ran across some past Christmas décor.


Christmas tree 2017


I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and

rejoiced in the reason for the season.


Christmas creche 2

Every year I deck the house out in its holiday best

and try to create a country Christmas.


christmas tree 2 - 2017

For me, the Christmas spirit is a culmination of things.

With warm scents brewing in the kitchen,

 while an eclectic Holiday playlist launches our Christmas spirits

with everything from my favorite Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’,

Dean Martin, and Mariah Carey singing ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You.’


Christmas creche

But most importantly, family and dear friends are key

in making the holiday celebrations more lively and meaningful.

I love listening to the chatter and laughter

that truly sums up the joy we feel during the season.


Christmas buffet 2017

And today, I am sharing a few of my favorite pictures from Christmas past

that sums up some of what I feel every year.


full xmas buffet 2017

The memories, the smiles, the tears.

All the moments wrapped up

from the years.


xmas buffet 2

Maybe missing some family to go along with the season.


pine cones 2


Loving some snow covered pine cones in a dough bowl.


glittered house xmas 2017

Glittered houses are some of my favorite décor.

A favorite Christmas teacup that once belonged to my sweet mom.


Christmas cup

My Christmas tree decked out in a winter wonderland.


christmas tree 2 - 2017

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas décor.

Wishing everyone a very blessed New Year!



An Instant Mood Setter

Monday, November 4, 2019

I don’t know about you, but daylight savings time

seems to be a catalyst for a new game changer for all things around my house.

We end the day earlier heading inside for food and warmth.


candle lit pumpkin

As the day draws to a close, I like to add warmth to my room with candlelight.

There’s something about candlelight that makes everything more special.

Candles seem to add coziness to room warding off the chill

that the autumn weather brings.

I like to distribute candles around the room and into other rooms, avoiding jarring light.

I use tapers, votives, pillars, and tea lights so I can create a softly lit environment no matter what the occasion is just to add a bit of ambiance to a quiet room or a room filled with conversation and laughter.


pumkin grouping


I place a few votives on the table to make it special.


darker image of pumpkin


I love the reflection of the candlelight as it highlights spaces and objects in a room.

Candlelight seems to add a bit of magic to your space and sets a mood and tone.


autumn display with white pumpkin

There’s just something about candlelight that makes everything a bit more special.

I would like to believe that the soft glow of candlelight

makes my efforts look just a little better!;)

Rustic pumpkins

I love using tapered candles in décor.

They are the perfect thing to add to a vignette or centerpiece.


So, as you set your table for a meal,

wind down the day,

or cozy up by the fire…

light a candle!

It doesn’t need to be a scented candle.

When guests are to arrive, I like to light a scented candle in the guest powder room.

So tonight light a candle or two and turn off the lights.

You may find a more soothing environment and a whole new focus.


Thank you for visiting my blog.