A Christmas Centerpiece

Friday, December 18, 2020

My Christmas centerpiece started with the white goose. It was given to me a few years back. I was told that the goose was vintage, hand carved. A long time friend told me the story that her grandfather had carved the goose. Unfortunately it had been broken and repaired, and since it had the broken marks and repairs, it didn’t look the same and she just didn’t know what to do with it. Since it had not sold at her garage sale, she was going to throw it away. I told her that I would take it and give it a new life. I had a vision of what I would do with it. My inspiration came from a Pinterest pin that I had seen some time back.

The goose had been packed away in my storage shed for the past several years. This year, I was inspired to use it as a Christmas display on my dining room table.

With a paint brush in hand and some white chalk paint I transformed the broken and repaired goose into my vintage holiday decor. I set it in a snow flocked wreath on my dining table. I think it has a farm house feel and the vintage-y decor vibes add character to the space. Vintage-y decor add character particularly during the holidays when our memories reign supreme.

With white candles, antique branding iron candle holders (always a favorite), & mercury glass candle holders, and the white goose set the table for a farm house Christmas display.

Candles! Always candles. I gathered up a bunch of my mercury glass candlesticks that add sparkle, the branding iron candle holders with the rustic metal, but then of course the actual candle, especially when lit, adds that perfect cozy glow.

Mercury glass has an ethereal , icy quality, evoking a classic holiday color scheme that compliments the white vintage find. The wreath helps add more texture and interest.

… And I think the goose steals the show!

This display easily came together. It was actually about creating that quick Christmas magic & ambiance. If you minus the years the goose was packed away, waiting for the inspiration, it all took very little time.

  I love my antique/vintage items & the charm that they add to our spaces.

Instead of hours of prepping for the perfect Christmas decor or making messes while decorating & you just want to create that Christmas magic in a hurry, grab some vintage or rustic decor. I hope that this has inspired you by showing you how quickly you can turn your antique finds into Christmas decor!

Thank you guys so much for stopping & checking out my Christmas table scape. I hope this look as always has inspired you in some way to do your own.

Once again… a rustic and refound.

A little wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin’.

The Little Old Tool Box that Could

Friday, December 11, 2020

Sometimes it’s something extra ordinary that inspires you.

Around the holidays we can’t wait to gather with family and friends.

We prepare pretty decor and plan and prep for the food.

Today, I was inspired to share a different approach to setting the table for guests.

Sharing my love of all things vintage, I repurposed an old wooden tool box as a buffet center piece to hold dishes and table linen on my kitchen island.

 I am a sucker for anything that wears original patina especially if it involves chipping, peeling, worn. shabby, old paint. This toolbox definitely has all of the above. Things that you brought home from yester-year inspire us for a change. I’m loving the look of the tool box… that definitely is showing it’s patina aged with time.

Kind of thinking outside the box… instead of a formal table setting I am using the toolbox as a buffet center on my kitchen island. Like The Little Engine That Could the story’s signature phrases such as “I think I can” I adapted to the little gray toolbox.

This little toolbox embraces cozy comfort and brings the outside in.

It’s nifty, thrifty, and handy!

Keeping plates and napkins gathered and within reach. I layered my napkins and plates.

Here I added canning jars to hold silverware. However, by rolling up the silverware in the napkins everything could be contained.

Handy for guests to grab dishes for buffet style dining or cute decor all by itself. I think I might like it to display some sentimental dinnerware that belonged to my grandmother.

Carving out more storage space in the kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Getting organized with super simple tricks (many using items we already have around the house). I love using vintage, eclectic and timeless treasures…repurposing and re-loving all things left in time and giving them new places to shine!

A little wild west stylin’ for some wild west livin’.

XXOOs ~Tammy

A Western Wednesday: A Western Rope Wreath

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Welcome to My addition of Western Wednesday!

I’m really not sure what’s been happening around here….
….but I’m pretty excited about Christmas this year.
Maybe it’s the thrill of hope…

Or a weary world rejoicing.

This year I’m all about decking the halls for Christmas, listening to my Christmas playlists and displaying my Santa mugs ready for hot cocoa.

However, While out shopping…

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I discovered these deep red flowers (hydrangeas I presume… frosted with faux snow) at JoAnn’s. I loved their bold red. I knew that I wanted to incorporate them into some aspect of my decor. I’m not much for faux flowers, but these definitely caught my eye. The bold red, frosted with snow made me think Christmas or winter! I’m loving the texture that is added to the flowers from the faux snow.

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For me, these flowers just fit the season.

I decided to add a little country Christmas cheer to my front door with a custom rope wreath using these bold red flowers.

Once again, I’m upcycling and reclaiming! This is another one of my rustic and refound, so to speak. Bringing my trash to treasure!

A Western Rope Wreath

No, this wasn’t one of my husbands ropes. This was one of my old ropes. For what ever reason it was tossed into the discard pile. I’m a saver don’t you know??? So still loving the look of it and the color, it became an upcycled Christmas decoration.

While making my rope wreath a little different

I styled my coils a little on the loose or natural side with my hondo showing. I wanted more rope to show. Often the hondo will end or sit differently. With a more natural look the hondo will be on one side and the tail on the other side. Some folks like nice tight rope coils for a rope wreath.

I think that you can make a rope wreath to fit anyone’s taste.

Though not washed, it may show the “used look”. “The used look,” also gives a rough or old look and makes the rope wreath unique. It fits any reason or season and makes a great display on the front door, back door entry, wall… they are so versatile.

Loving to rope steers as I do, this wreath is fitting for my door!

To complete my ensemble, I added an assortment of greenery and a plaid bow.

I think that plaid fits that country look that I was going for.

Red is a great color for the Christmas season, but it matches lots of holidays.

I’m just bringing a little part of the west to my home.

Merry Christmas!

Sharing a little wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin’