The Gift of Gathering

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Gather For Good Food And Fellowship

It all starts with a Beautiful table setting.

As the holidays approach, I’m already planning that special occasion with family and friends. On the table – it is all about the simple elegance of simple white dinner ware, serape napkins, vintage green goblets, crystal candle holders, the warm tones of gold & copper votives with brassy candle holders-mingling with nature.

You can create a warm and welcoming table scape for friends and family. Show your guests that they are special and loved with a festive fall gathering.

This table setting is filled with the rich and bold colors from the autumn centerpiece, the traditional orange & white pumpkins, emerald green goblets, to the brassy candle sticks, copper & gold votives. This is the bolder side of the season.

Candlelight sets the ambiance on the table, covers human error, and lets friendships shine. Candles seem to be the best place to start since they have been labeled as a symbol of warmth and coziness. If undecided on a centerpiece begin with candles and build from there.

You can have as many candles as your heart desires.

Warm golden autumn tones…

Warm & welcoming, earthy colors and textures…A natural tablescape that allows good friends & conversation to take center stage.

This table setting speaks a little rustic to me. Beginning with the natural centerpiece.

I love, love, love decorating for fall & this little cozy tablescape brought me so much joy this week with all it’s cozy vibes.

You might need to know that this was all completed on a budget! The plates are my regular dinnerware. The basket and green goblets were thrifted treasures. All other items I have had & not purchased recently. The gold & copper votives are purchased at WalMart in the bridal section.

Loving the jeweled tones.

Most recent purchase…white & orange pumpkins. The grasses mingling in the basket are gathered gifts from nature.

 Just a warm and welcoming autumn table. I hope this offers you some autumn inspiration.

Sharing my ‘wild west stylin’ for some wild west livin.’

A Little Hocus Pocus and A Witches Corner

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Halloween has officially arrived over here!

As the nights get longer and cooler, one thing settles on my mind is – Halloween and Halloween decor. This time of year is lovely for the fall cornucopias, corn stalks, and other fall decor, but Halloween decorations bring out the spooky fun!

I had a good time mixing and mingling a few fall touches with some spooky Halloween. Yes, I’m young at heart and a Halloween enthusiast! So, I’m thrilled to share my Halloween look this year. I had way too much fun styling this little area & nook near the front foyer of my house. With not a lot of locations to style Halloween … I used a small table and an antique chair that I painted black and recovered in brown cowhide.

I started with some pumpkins, a candle stick, and a vase filled with some dried branches. I think that the pumpkins added a rich pop of color to the vignette.

Since I love the moody, dark, spooky Halloween vibes, I layered on the Halloween accents – The more the merrier when it came to the accent pieces (skulls, a bony hand, crows, and books for potions) and other fall decor including some twinkling lights. I loaded up my space with Halloween just to get those spooky Halloween vibes.

My final layer was adding in the candles, like a black candle with a drippy look. I used a single black candle in a empty wine bottle and several mercury votives for the spooky ambiance. I feel like the candles brought the whole look together and finished up my spooky Halloween.

Witches Corner – Come sit for a spell.

With a little extra time, my Halloween vignette has evolved with some extra inspiration from my witches feet.

For this witch’s corner I imagined what a witch might have in her front foyer. I felt this little area needed a bit more of a moody vibe so I added a large ornate, black framed mirror, a witches broom, and a witches hat. Like, this is where a witch might leave her outdoor riding gear.

I came up with a broom, books for spells, a chair in a nook, a blanket, pumpkins, a layering of skulls, candles, & of course her pointy shoes among her decor & things like we all love.

I would like to think that they key to having a great Halloween look is layering. The layering of different items and the glow from candles and twinkle lights adds to to the great spooky vibe.

This was so much fun for me to create and think outside of my normal comfort zone.

I loved dressing up my home with wicked, whimsical touches and spooky settings.

“When Black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.”

A little wild west stylin’ for some wild west livin.’

Happy Halloween!

An Autumn Centerpiece

Monday, October 12, 2020

For autumn and the holidays – I’m all about flowers, candles, cozy, and the magic this combo makes. The twinkle of the candle light ambiance is pretty much a favorite evening thing.

Just keep it simple!

Today this is all about an autumn centerpiece with florals that I received as a gift.

I am sharing a few photos of my autumn centerpiece with orange candles, white pumpkins, black branches and these rustic and refound branding iron candle holders.

The flowers were the gift the crystal vase is my own.

This all started with the autumn florals and rustic branding iron candle holders

with orange candles.

I then layered on the copper votives, creepy black branches, and white pumpkins.

This was all so simple to create! Most everything I had on hand. I DIYed the black branches (sagebrush). The most recent purchase to it all were the white pumpkins.

A Bit of Whimsey

Since it is almost Halloween…

I loved adding a bit of Halloween ambiance to an elegant setting with the use of the black branches. I love how it adds a whimsical and spooky feel.

I’m a DIYer at heart, so if I can create a look without spending a dime, I will.

AND I Love Halloween decor!

With the black branches, pumpkins on the table and flickering candles… just sets the mood and adds a bit of magic and charm. Maybe a little classy Halloween.

Sometimes simplicity is best!

A little wild west stylin’ for a little wild west livin’

Happy Monday!!!